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Visia skin analysis


Your first step to youthfulness…

Now, your vision of healthier, younger looking, more beautiful skin can be a reality with the help of the VISIA®.

What can it do for you?

VISIA® Complexion Analysis; the first skin care photographic imaging tool that provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface facial skin conditions and is now available at DermaCare.

With the advent of Visia™ Skin Analysis systems, any patient is a candidate for an analysis as “Seeing is believing”. The Visia gives a precise analysis of the following:

  • Dramatically illustrates the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure to the
  • Examines the skin for wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, bacteria and UV spots.
  • Grades your skin features relative to your age & skin type.
  • Recommends treatment protocols according to your results.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of your customised treatment plan.
  • Visually evaluates your skin’s vitality and health status.

Additionally, VISIA provides an informative comparison of your complexion’s characteristics to others of your same age and skin type.

After your skin examination and analyzing of your personalised Visia Complexion Analysis Report, our skincare professionals will recommend the best skin care regimen and skincare products to address your specific skincare concerns.

Based on your complexion profile, your facial rejuvenation program will also include specific recommendations for ongoing skin care health. VISIA imaging is an invaluable aid in monitoring your complexion’s vitality and checking the effectiveness of your skin care regimen over time.

How does VISIA work?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System scans your skin and captures key visual information, using multi-spectral imaging and analysis, of eight areas that affect your skin’s health and appearance. We use VISIA to measure your skin pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria), UV spots, photodamage (typically from sun damage), texture and wrinkles. With this assessment of your skin, we compare your skin’s features to other individuals of the same age, sex and skin type and provide you with your relative skin condition within your peer group. We then prepare your personal skincare regime and rejuvenation program.

As your treatments progress, the VISIA is used to track the changes in your skin and the effectiveness of your skincare program.

Frequently asked questions:

How long does a VISIA Complexion Analysis take?

Your VISIA Complexion Analysis will take just a few minutes. Once complete, the review of your results and the consultation will take from thirty minutes to an hour, focusing on your specific problem areas. Your analysis will also include your personal treatment recommendations.

How often do I need a VISIA Complexion Analysis?

 Your first analysis report will become your baseline from which we can measure your progress. Depending on your skin condition and your goals, we will perform additional analysis as needed throughout your treatment program.