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Photorejuvenation is a treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL), a non-laser light source, to fix pigmentation issues, like sun damage, brown spots, and freckles, and vascular abnormalities such as redness, broken capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea. Photorejuvenation also minimizes pore size and fine lines, stimulates dormant skin cells, and promotes new collagen to grow.

IPL technology works by emitting high-intensity pulses of broadband light deep into the skin without harming the surface area. A highly advanced built-in computer controls the range and frequency of the light to target and collapse damaged blood vessels and/or melanin, while normal surrounding skin tissue is hardly affected.

Since IPL uses a range of wavelengths, as opposed to lasers that use just one wavelength, photorejuvenation is ideal to treat large areas that are splattered with skin discoloration issues. Photorejuvenation is used more often if a patient has very small blood vessels or brown discoloration from sun damage diffusely in an area like the face, chest, arms, or back.

  • Facial Spider Veins
  • Rosacea
  • Redness from Acne
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Redness from Surgical Scars
  • Spider Veins on the thigh, leg and ankle
  • Brown Pigmentation from Sun Damage
  • Sun spots and Actinic Bronzing 

Do I need local anaesthetic?
The procedure does not usually require the use of anaesthetic. We advise that the area is cooled just before and after the treatment which brings discomfort and pain to minimum.

Who is the treatment for?
The procedure is designed for both women and men who have noticed sun damage to their skin such as dark spots and vascular changes. The treatment can be performed on the face, décolletage and the hands and is usually recommended for anyone over the age of 20, who struggles with any of the above-mentioned conditions.

What are the results?
The laser damages enlarged blood vessels and removes darkened patches present on the skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact. After the treatment spider veins and dark spots disappear. The result is a smoother, clearer and more youthful appearance of your skin.

When do I see the final results of the treatment?
In some instances, a patient may be required to have more than one treatment, but this is usually 7 days post-treatment to give the skin time to heal first. However, this is too early to expect the final results as it usually takes 4 – 6 weeks before all undesired changes disappear and the skin’s regenerating processes are terminated.

How many treatments do I need to see satisfactory results?
The number of treatments, each performed every 4-6 weeks, vary from 1-6, depending on the patient’s individual features such as aging processes and the patient’s age.


While skin is one of the most resilient parts of the body, it does accumulate damage. Age, exposure to the sun and illness can detract from the skin’s ability to maintain itself, which in turn leads to age, wrinkles and a long list of unwelcome skin conditions. The problem with treating these conditions revolves around the available approaches for skin rejuvenation. Facelifts have been the golden standard for skin tightening, but they require painful and long recovery periods. The Palomar Deep IR laser is a breakthrough in non-surgical skin tightening. It utilizes a unique approach to aiding the skin in its natural rejuvenation processes, which in turn leads to non-surgical skin tightening.

The Palomar Deep IR laser tightens skin by applying heat to the skin. It does so in a controlled way that leads to the rejuvenation of skin cells, which in turn allows the collagen structures in the dermis to tighten.The laser component is what gives the Palomar Deep IR laser its ability to rejuvenate the skin. It passes harmlessly through healthy structures, such as the cells responsible for giving skin its color, and penetrates deeply into the skin.

This light transforms into heat once it reaches the collagen beneath the skin, which in turn leads to coagulation of the old skin cells. The body will remove the undesirable collagen cells and then replace them with new structures. This leads to an overall improvement in the texture and form of your skin.

Benefits of the Deep IR skin tightening includes:

  • Dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles – By encouraging the dermis layer of skin to rejuvenate, new collagen forms as the result of treatment with the Palomar Deep IR laser. This leads to a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and many other form-related issues.
  • Effective skin tightening without surgery – The Palomar Deep IR laser tightens skin without the need for a single incision, which in turn makes it friendlier for the patient to undergo.
  • Comfortable and quick procedures – The typical Palomar Deep IR laser treatment can be delivered in less than an hour, which is a fraction of the time that cosmetic surgery like a facelift would require. This allows you to receive treatment without stopping your life.
  • Reduced complications – Because there is no surgery involved with it, the Palomar Deep IR laser provides the patient with a heightened degree of safety when tightening the skin. This leads to fewer complications, and means that patients will experience only brief episodes of tenderness or redness after receiving treatment.

Are these treatments safe? Are they comfortable?

The Lux Deep IR Fractional method is much safer and more comfortable than the bulk heating approach of many other systems, because it leaves a portion of the skin unaffected by the light pulses. The Lux Deep IR also uses 3-stage cooling. It cools the skin before, during and after each light pulse, so you feel little discomfort during the treatment.

What should I expect after the treatment?

You may experience lingering warmth, tightness, or redness in the treated area, which fades within a few hours of treatment. Because a portion of the skin is unaffected by the light pulses, there is a quick healing process. Generally, you can receive a treatment and go back to work or to other activities without any recovery time. A series of treatments at 4-6 week intervals may be required to achieve the desired result of tighter skin in the face, neck, abdomen, and other areas.

Many people live with visible (and embarrassing) leg veins. These leg veins can be safely and effectively treated with advanced laser technology. The Palomar ND YAG handpiece offers a comfortable and effective treatment, and because it is a non-invasive process, it causes unsightly vessels to fade from view in a few treatments or less.

Lasers deliver concentrated light in a specific wavelength of the light spectrum. Each wavelength is absorbed by a different target, such as pigment, blood or water. The Palomar ND YAG 1064 handpiece delivers light pulses in the 1064nm wavelength, which is ideal for targeting leg veins. The light pulses heat the blood within the vein. The heat of the blood effects the vessel lining, which causes the vessel to constrict and eventually fade from view.

What are Palomar laser leg vein treatments like?           

The Dr or the qualified Therapist will move the ND YAG handpiece over your skin, following the length of the vein, pulsing it all the while. Each pulse will send a beam of light through your skin. A flashing light, an audible tone, and a mild sensation on the skin will tell you when the handpiece is being pulsed.

Are these treatments safe? Are they painful?

The Dr or the qualified Therapist will go over the risks and benefits of the treatment with you. Palomar leg vein treatments are skin-safe and fairly comfortable. The ND YAG handpiece delivers its energy in one smooth, gentle pulse, to protect the skin from sharp rise in temperature.

What should I expect after the treatment?

*Immediately after the treatment you will see any of these three possible outcomes:

  • The vessel will disappear
  • The vessel will darken
  • The vessel will shrink

*The surrounding skin may turn pink and be slightly swollen for up to 24 hours.

*Often, more than one treatment is necessary to achieve full clearance of leg veins

*It is important to follow the instructions given by your Dr or Therapist.

The Palomar® Pulsed Light Hair Reduction system is a revolutionary new way of removing small and large areas of unwanted hair, especially on the legs of women and the back of men.  Unlike painful electrolysis or waxing, the Palomar Pulsed Light Hair Reduction system is comfortable and safe.  The Palomar Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System is unique in that it uses light energy to disable or destroy hair follicles, the part of hair responsible for growth.  Because more than one hair is targeted at a time, the Palomar Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System is perfect for treating large areas of unwanted hair, and it can be used on most skin tones.

Pulse Light Hair Reduction is a safe and effective laser hair reduction procedure. Pulse Light involves pulses of light that are directed into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

Benefits of Pulsed Light Hair reduction:

  •  Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Quick Treatments
  • Removes Hair before it becomes visible
  • Mess-free
  • Can be less expensive in the long run
  • Helps clear up ingrown hairs
  • Removes shadow in hair bed area

What are pulsed light hair reduction treatments like?

Your treatment provider will move the handpiece over your skin, pulsing it all the while. Each pulse will send a beam of light through your skin. You may experience a feeling similar to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin, but most people do not report this sensation as painful.

What body areas can be treated?

Any area, except around the eyes. The upper lip, face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, chest and back can all be treated.

What do I need to do before my treatments begin?

  • You will need to have a complimentary consultation
  • No Sun exposure, Self-tan or Solarium for four to Six weeks prior to the commencement of treatment.
  • No waxing, plucking or bleaching for four weeks prior to your treatment.

What should I expect after a treatment?

  • Immediately after treatment, you can expect a mild sunburn-like sensation.
  • The treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days post-treatment. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expelled from the skin.
  • Typically, several treatments will be necessary to achieve permanent hair reduction.