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Koebana Spraytan

Spray tanning is the new UV-free tanning service offered in South Africa, which is quick to apply, safe and healthy.

What Koebana Spraytan do for you?

Transform your skin tone from pale to a beautiful Sun-kissed skin without the dangers of skin cancer and photo aging effects of ultra violet rays.

How does it work?

The tanning solution is sprayed onto the client with a compressor similar to those used for spray painting and contains an approved ingredient called DHA. The end result is a beautiful even and golden bronze tan that fully develops within 4 – 8 hours and lasts for up to 14 days. The tan can even last up to 21 days depending on the tan type, post tan maintenance and your personal care routine.

Preparing for your Koebana Sunless Spray Tan

It is essential to scrub and exfoliate the area that you are going to get the tan applied to before coming for your tan. To ensure a an even colour, long lasting tan and increased solution absorption do not moisturise, apply deodorant or perfume after you have scrubbed and before you receive your koebana airbrush spray tan. On the day of your appointment remove all your make-up, jewelry and ensure your skin is dry and free from sprays and lotions.


Shave/wax 24 hours prior to tanning
Shower and exfoliate the day of your tan
Do not moisturize or apply deodorant after your shower
Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and open shoes
Disposable underwear will be provided. Men to bring a Speedo/running shorts.

Wait 8-12 hours before showering
Thereafter avoid swimming or long baths
Moisturise morning and evening to maintain your tan
Your new tan should last between 5-10 days

Caring and Extending your Tan

Wait preferably 8 hours before you wet the sprayed area as this will remove your tan. Beware of sweating and wear old loose clothing directly after you have been sprayed. When washing do not use a loofa, scrubber, coarse cloth or abrasive material as this will cause then tan to fade. When shaving use a clean and sharp razor. Pat the body dry after washing, do not rub. Showering is preferable to bathing as very hot water, chlorine and salt water can affect your tan.

Frequently asked questions:

Will a spray tan protect me from getting a sunburn?

No! When going into the sun, you must wear sun protection.

Can I also suntan while I have a spray tan?

Yes. Some customers complement their suntan with a spray tan and some complement their spray tan with a suntan. If you choose to tan and spray tan the same day, we recommend laying in the bed before spray tanning.

How much color will I get?

Everybody’s skin develops its own individual color. Some people go very brown, while others get just a glow. People who spray tan regularly tend to get darker, as the skin naturally begins to react better to the product. You only need a few sessions to achieve this

How long will the tan last?

Depending on how well you prepare and take care of your skin afterwards, the average spray tan lasts 7 days. If you tan regularly, your skin will grown accustom to the spray and will maintain the color longer. Then you might need a refresh every 2 weeks or so.

How soon after the spray tan can I shower?

Dermacare recommends waiting 8 hours before showering. Several customers go to bed without showering to awake with a golden brown! The solution most likely will stick to your body and not come off on your sheets or pajamas, but if it does it washes out easily.

What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan?

Hey, the spray tanning process was designed just for you. Many spray tan customers burn too easily for conventional tanning, and they get a fantastic color that’s as beautiful as anyone! We recommend first-time tanners start with light or medium. Once the skin adjusts, the tanner can choose to go darker if desired.

Can I spray tan if I am pregnant?

The spray tanning solution is FDA approved and safe to use during pregnancy.

Can I go swimming after spray tanning?

Dermacare recommends waiting at least 8 hours for the tan to establish itself. After the waiting period, chlorinated water may bleach your tan quicker. If you do swim, we advise short swims