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IPL photorejuvenation

What can it do for you?

IPL Laser Photorejuvenation is a treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL), a non-laser light source, to fix pigmentation issues, like sun damage, brown spots, and freckles, and vascular abnormalities such as redness, broken capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea. Photorejuvenation also minimizes pore size and fine lines, stimulates dormant skin cells, and promotes new collagen to grow.

How does IPL Laser Photorejuvenation work?

The Palomar® Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation system works by emitting high-intensity pulses of broadband light deep into the skin without harming the surface area. A highly advanced built-in computer controls the range and frequency of the light to target and collapse damaged blood vessels and/or melanin, while normal surrounding skin tissue is hardly affected.

Since IPL uses a range of wavelengths, as opposed to lasers that use just one wavelength, photorejuvenation is ideal to treat large areas that are splattered with skin discoloration issues. Photorejuvenation is used more often if a patient has very small blood vessels or brown discoloration from sun damage diffusely in an area like the face, chest, arms, or back.

  • Facial Spider Veins
  • Rosacea
  • Redness from Acne
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Redness from Surgical Scars
  • Spider Veins on the thigh, leg and ankle
  • Brown Pigmentation from Sun Damage
  • Sun spots and Actinic Bronzing 

Frequently asked questions:

What are IPL Laser Photorejuventaion treatments like?

Your therapist will move the hand piece over your skin, pulsing it all the while. Each pulse will send a beam of light through your skin. You may experience a feeling similar to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin, but most people do not report this sensation as painful.

What do I need to do before my treatments begin?

  • You will need to have a complimentary consultation
  • Antibiotics or Cortisone needs to be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior treatments.
  • No Sun exposure, Self-tan or Solarium for four to Six weeks prior to the commencement of treatment.
  • No waxing, plucking or bleaching for four weeks prior to your treatment.

What should I expect after a treatment?

  • Immediately after treatment, you can expect a mild sunburn-like sensation.
  • Expect the final results as it usually takes 4 – 6 weeks before all undesired changes disappear and the skin’s regenerating processes are terminated.
  • The number of treatments (6 treatments), each performed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the patient’s individual features such as aging processes and the patient’s age.

Many patients benefit from visiting DermaCare to have a customised treatment plan worked out for them. If you are interested in IPL Laser Photorejuvenation treatments please book an appointment and let the team of experts customise a treatment protocol tailored to you.

Cheeks / NeckR 700
Nose / ChinR 490
Full Arm / Half Leg R1200
Face / Décolleté / ShouldersR1000
Face & Neck R1200
Half ArmR 850
Half LegR1200
Hands R 490

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