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Inbody Complete Body Analysis

What can InBody370 do for you?

The InBody 370 is a fast, accurate, non-invasive Body Composition Analiser. By standing on the device for 45 seconds, the InBody test looks beyond the scale to show you what you are made of. It reflects your accurate body composition status, using the four main components that constitute total body weight. It clearly indicates why body weight alone is not a good measure of body fat. The InBody is based on the worldwide standard using Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA). This is an excellent way to find out what body composition really is. It is also very effective to measure progress when doing an exercise, fat loss and healthy eating program.


How does it work?

We use these body facts to help you monitor the success of your weight loss with the Lipo-Slim program and fat loss during Fat Dissolving & Celluway Lipogon injections.


To observe changes in the human body through body composition analysis, it is crucial to perform the analysis each time under the same conditions, temperature, posture, etc. Bear in mind, the following factors affect the results of body composition analysis, and as a result, affect the reproducibility of analysis.

  1. Make sure not to use this equipment with those that have medical electrical devices, such as a pacemaker.
  2. Do not eat before measurement. Measure 2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.
  3. Do not exercise or perform any physical activities before testing.
  4. Do not take a bath or shower prior to measurement.
  5. Perform measurement after urination, if possible. Waste in the body means the analysis will be less accurate.
  6. Measurement should ideally be done before mid-day.
  7. For females, avoid having measurement during a menstrual period as total body water will be higher than normal.
  8. Perform measurement under normal temperature conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Why take the InBody test?
To understand your weight and to set your goals. Weight alone is a poor indicator of health because it doesn’t distinguish fat from muscle. The InBody divides your weight into water, fat, and muscle. Measuring your body fat allows you to gauge your health helping you achieve your fitness goals by bringing the percentage

Must socks and stockings be removed from the feet for analysis?
Bare skin contact is essential in the analysis using the BIA method. Socks or stockings may cause a certain amount of distortion in the results. Socks and stockings must be removed to obtain accurate data.

What are the circumstances where analysis cannot be performed?
Examinees who have a pacemaker or other internal electronic devices should never use the InBody 370.

Is the electrical current applies to a human body through electrodes safe?
Yes. The BIA method uses an electrical current but is practically harmless. The InBody 370 has acquired the CE and other certifications that assure the safety of
the medical equipment.

Do accessories (jewelry, watches, rings, etc) or any other metal objects worn by an examinee affect the analysis?
The ideal condition for the analysis is simply standing with no clothes and wearing no accessories. However, this may not always be possible. Therefore, we recommend that the subject removes as many clothing items and accessories that may affect the weight as possible.

How often does the examinee perform the analysis?
The body consumption changes by inches but conditionally according to steady diet, work out, or medical treatment, etc. We recommend you to measure the
InBody 370 once every 2 to 4 weeks to reliably see the changes.

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