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Hannon facial products

Our skin, the largest organ of the body is visible for all to see. It reflects our age, health, lifestyle and general wellbeing. Your skin can protect and heal itself, although with help and the correct care, become the greatest personal testimony of a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Amongst many active ingredients, including MOIST 24, it is now possible to slow down the speed with which our skin visibly age and even to reverse some symptoms of skin ageing.

MOIST 24 is harvested from the roots of the “Imperata Cyllindrica” plant. It is a potassium rich concentrate which is highly absorbent by the skin’s epidermis to the regenerative layer of the skin where brand new skin cells are continuously produced. As soon as it penetrates the skin, Cytoplasm production is immediately activated. Skin cells which are consistently deflating as a result of the natural ageing process becomes plumped up once again. This,as a result stimulates cell division and the repair of the Collagen bindings between skin cells. When all these processes are once again restored and fully functioning the visible signs of skin ageing and the rate at which we visibly age will rapidly slow down. Clinical trails proved that MOIST 24 remains active in the skin cells even after the skin was cleansed. The cycle of optimal skin regeneration remains therefor stimulated for a full 24 hours.

Much can be expected from a tailor made HANNON facial to suit each client’s unique skincare concerns. Some products and procedures are of professional strength. It requires professional expertise to fast track results and to provide optimal benefits which are expected from a professional facial. A Daily skin care regime is essential for lasting results.


Following the huge success of his salon-exclusive hair range Hannon introduced a professional make-up range – HANNON MAKE-UP.

His intention was to create a range capable of having the staying power and coverage necessary for film and photographic work, but also possible to be applied with a lighter hand for everyday use by all women.

It offers the most flattering of colours and the latest technology and ingredients, at a surprisingly attainable price. The products are not tested on animals; they are tested on real people. No sensitivity to any of these products have ever been reported – even contact lens wearers have commented on the compatibility of this make-up range.


Making the DIFFERENCE…

Why choose HANNON HAIR CARE above all other hair care products?

  1. The HANNON HAIR CARE range treats the scalp, the hair follicles underneath the scalp as well as the hair shaft at the same time.

The aim of the range is to bring the scalp and hair to a healthy balance. This means that the active ingredients in the HANNON HAIR CARE range stimulate both the scalp as well as the hair cortex itself. Many other hair care brands focus on one aspect of hair care.

  1. Benefits of treating the SCALP as well as the HAIR SHAFT at the same time:
  • By treating the scalp, thinning of hair and hair loss is prevented and treated effectively.
  • Speed of hair growth is promoted
  • Oil secretion is balanced, meaning that just the adequate amount of oil is produced by the sebaceous glands. Hair is thus not too oily or too dry.
  • By treating the hair shaft, hair is more elastic and much stronger.
  • By balancing the moisture in the cortex, hair is more manageable, meaning that thin limp hair gets more volume, while curly hair loses its frizz.

Why is the HANNON HAIR CARE range effective?

HANNON HAIR CARE range is the only hair care range that contains Liposomes. All the active ingredients that promotes hair growth, strength, elasticity etc. have now been placed into tiny microscopic pockets called Liposomes. These tiny pockets attach themselves to the weak hair cells and release the active ingredients directly onto them. Liposomes thus act as tiny rockets that targets weak cells and release active ingredients to the very heart of the weak hair cells.

Liposomes are also known as a drug carrier that allows the easy absorption of the drug molecule into the hair  shaft as well as the skin.

Liposome technology (where tiny cell pockets filled with active drugs) were originally used in the treatment of cancer, ensuring that the cancer cells are targeted more effectively.

  • Benefits of using Liposomes:
  • Higher absorption: By using Liposomes, it is ensured that most of the active ingredients in the HANNON HAIR CARE range penetrate the hair follicle, the scalp and the cortex of the hair. This means that all or most of the active ingredients are absorbed by the follicle and cortex.
  • Most other hair care ranges don’t make use of Liposomes and tha active ingredients thus cannot penetrate the hair follicle in the scalp and the cortex of the hair effectively. Most of the active ingredients contained in other hair care ranges are thus dissolved in the atmosphere or rinsed down the basin, meaning that very little gets absorbed by the hair.
  • Promotes Hair Growth: Because the active ingredients are so effectively absorbed, it means that these active ingredients can now get to work much faster, stimulating blood circulation and hair growth.
  • Controls oil secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  • Leaves hair shiny and more manageable.
  • Curly hair loses frizz
  • Thin and limp hair gets added volume – instantly.


The HANNON AGE EARASING CHEMICAL PEEL is the latest and least invasive chemical peel with low risks and hardly any down time (recovery time). It is the ideal “lunch-time” peel with hardly any discomfort and minimal redness and swelling. It is suitable for Fritzpatrick skin types 1 to 6 – in other words all skin types. It should always be administered by a trained beauty therapist and in conjunction with the client, to achieve the fastest results possible.


  • Improvement of Hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Reduction of acne scarring, acne breakout, and inflammation caused by acne
  • Improvement of skin elasticity, and
  • Smoothing of rough skin texture.