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Elicina cream is the Original Snail Cream with 80% snail secretion.

Elicina is Eco-friendly, Organic, Natural, Hipoallergenic, Odourless, Non greasy, has rapid absorption and does not stain clothes or skin if exposed to sunlight.
It is safe for all ages.

Elicina snail cream contains 80% Helix Aspersa Muller Extract.

Elicina is less expensive compared to other skin creams on the market and a minimal amount should be applied.
During these tough economic times worldwide Elicina provides value and results.

Elicina cream is sold in more than 150 countries worldwide. Reusable resource: The Chilean earth snails (Helix Aspersa Muller snail) are not harmed
or hurt in any way during the milking process. Elicina skin cream is organic and eco-friendly and it frees your skin of toxins.

Elicina cream works!

It is so pure and natural with antibiotic properties that Elicina has the key ingredients to improve most skin conditions.
Elicina cream is popular as an anti-aging cream and acne treatment. It diminishes wrinkles and frees your skin of toxins.
Due to the fact that Elicina Snail cream is non-greasy and has a rapid absorbsion, you may apply make-up immediately after applying Elicina Snail cream.

Elicina naturally removes the dead skin cells and regenerates and detoxifies the skin. Elicina nourishes the skin with proteins and improves the skins ability
to bounce back. Elicina has helped various skins conditions as rosacea, flat warts, dry skin (Elicina PLUS with moisturiser is recommended) sun spots,
liver spots, age spots and freckles and is a living testimony to heal scars, burns and reduce and diminish keloids.

Different medical institutions world-wide use Elicina products for relief and for it’s healing power.
In Chile, the Corporation for burned children (COANIQUEM) uses Elicina cream on skin grafts to help reduce the redness,
increase recovery time by increasing the function and appearance of the skin.

Elicina is used globally as a treatment for:


Elicina cream or Elicina Plus defies the aging process. Elicina snail cream will diminish facial lines,
wrinkles and expression lines. Elicina snail cream removes dead skin cells, retains moisture,
regenerates new healthy skin and increases the elasticity in the skin.
Elicina Plus should be used for dry skin, as it contains extra moisturisers which hydrate the face.

Articles and features have been published worldwide in magazines as Elle, Beauty Forum, Klass among others.


Use Elicina snail cream twice a day directly on the pimples or spots and surrounding area. For the first few days
Elicina cream removes dead skin cells. Bacteria under the skin might surface, continue using Elicina cream, the Allantoin in
Elicina snail cream regenerates the skin and the collagen & elastin improve the skins elasticity.

Stretch marks

Elicina snail cream helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Stretch marks occur under the top layer of the skin when sudden growth occurs.
Elicina snail cream has natural proteins & collagen to support the skin and elastin to enable the skin to bounce back.
Apply Elicina cream twice a day to abdomen, breasts, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, buttocks and hips.

Elicina helps reduce the discoloration of stretch marks. For best results Elicina Snail cream should be applied to recent marks and scars.

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps

The anti-oxidant & cell regenerative in Elicina cream, together with the glycolic acid will:
• exfoliate the shaven skin
• help cleanse the infected area
• reduce the swelling and the redness and
• moisturise the skin.

A small amount of Elicina cream should be applied after shaving.

Scars and burns

Elicina cream heals scars and burns. It is safe to use Elicina cream after surgery, on skin grafts, on burns or any area of the skin that has been damaged.

Apply Elicina snail cream twice a day to the keloid, scar or burn. Elicina cream works best on new scars, burns or keloids.

Sun spots, liver spots, age spots, lentigos (freckles) and lentigines

All these skin conditions are treatable with Elicina snail cream. Apply Elicina cream twice a day. Apply your sun screen afterwards.
If the sun spots, liver spots, age spots, lentigos (freckles) and lentigines are on your hands, apply Elicina cream after washing your hands.

Dry skin

Elicina snail cream does rid the skin of dead skin cells and retains moisturisers. If your skin is dry we highly recommend Elicina Plus snail cream.
Elicina Plus snail cream has all the benefits of Elicina cream with added moisturisers. Only a little is needed to hydrate the face.

Flat warts

Elicina snail cream is a safe and natural treatment for flat warts. Ancient Greeks and Chilean farmers would treat warts by placing snails on the wart.
Elicina snail cream is free of bacteria and dermalogically tested which is a healthier and safer method of treating flat warts.


Is a skin condition which produces persistent redness, pimples and blood vessels on the face. It can spread towards the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.
Early intervention is recommended. Elicina cream has a low concentration of natural glycolic acid, this will exfoliate the skin and remove the impurities.

Allantoin in Elicina cream will rebuild and regenerate new skin, whilst the proteins, collagen and elastin will provide the firmness and elasticity needed for a
healthy skin. In the case of Rosacea, Elicina cream should be applied twice a day.