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What can it do for you?

Botox® is well known and quick procedure that relaxes overactive muscles and restores youth and beauty leading to a fresher, smooth and younger appearance. It is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure done by millions of patients on a regular basis all over the world every year.

How does it work?

Botox® is injected into specific facial muscles using a small, fine needle. This causes the targeted muscle to relax, which softens lines and contours. Treatment takes less than 15-30 minutes. An anaesthetic ointment will be applied 15min prior to your treatment. Any swelling or bruising incurred will heal after only a few days. Botox® takes effect 2-5 days after the treatment. The effect last for 4-6 months. Note that some people might require more Botox® due to stronger muscles. This will be discussed during you consultation.

Dr Consultation Fee: R400 but will be forfeited upon treatment.

Botox® dramatically decreases lines on the:

Frown R1800
Forehead R1400
Brow lift R 900
Eyes R1800
Upper lip R600
Mouth corner lift and R600
Underarm (sweating) R5000 (Consultation prior to treatment)
Per unit R75

Before and after